Just your average Mom working from home..๐Ÿ˜Š

My Story so far.

Well guys I set up my own business from home at the end of January.

After Christmas I took a long hard look at the way life was panning out. Is this really it for the rest of my life….ย I was getting up and working 4 days a week, hubby getting up and working 5 days sometimes 6 days.. missing out on the kids growing up not spending enough quality time at home just even days where we can all chill and watch movies in front of the fire and eat sweets and chocolate. Kids cried most morningsย when I would be leaving for workย ‘mam please don’t go toย work please stay at home everyday and mind us and collect us from school’ this broke my heart soย I decided things needed to change.

In January I looked for something I could do from home to bring in an income and still be here for the kiddies everyday. For me to make a secure and healthy and happy future for us all. I wanted to feel appreciated and respected and not be just another notch on a pay scale working and waiting for the wages every fortnight. I came across this fantastic work from home opportunity and met up with a mutual friend of mine for a chat and a coffee. We went through the business presentation and I was blown away. I left feeling amazed and happy and a little nervous.

Myself and hubby spoke about it and decided we had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I went with it. Theย whole shebang went through my body let me tell you ‘nerves, jitters, tears of joy, tears of am I doing this..!’ But change and I don’t really go well normally. Normally I am afraid of change and afraid of doing something different and taking a different direction in life.

I am into my fourth month in the business and looking back on those 4 months it has been amazing. I am in business for myself but I am never by myself I have amazing support from one end of the day to the next I have made amazing friends that I would stretch to calling close family now as they know so much about me ‘maybe not a good thing for them’ haha!!!

The business itself is going amazingly well and I am delighted with life. I stepped out of my comfort zone and changed my outlook and took the bull by the horns. All I want in life is to be Happy and Healthy with my family and friends. Anything else is a bonus.

If you too would like to step out of your comfort zone like I did and be your own boss and never have to ask for days off again, work flexible hours to suit your lifestyle be it a mom or a lady or gent just looking to have their own business please do contact me.


There you have it another snipet from the ‘The beautiful Life of a Farmers Wife’


Amsy ๐Ÿ’•


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