The Farmers Wife’s Daily Ritual πŸ˜Š

Hey guys,

So I have been absent for a little while now. Life has been hectic with the kids, the new business and just life in general.


One thing I am so grateful for though while I have been so busy is my daily routine of goodness.


Each morning first thing I have my daily 30-60ml shot of my Aloe Vera Drinking Gel.

This has been my saviour over the last couple of months. 1 shot has 75 vitamins minerals and amino acids in it. I will not go without this shot everyday.

I am more energetic, sleeping better, my skin is a lot clearer my hair is a lot shinier. I amΒ all round feeling great. Along with a good eating pattern and some exercise everyday My Aloe Vera drinking gel is my number 1 each day. Healthy body, Healthy Mind.

Benefits of drinking our Aloe Vera Gel:

  1. ItΒ  is Nutritional
  2. It is Antibacterial
  3. It provides healthy circulation
  4. It assists the Immune System
  5. It is Antipruritic
  6. It is an Antiseptic
  7. It is a natural Cleanser

So guys this is one of the many rituals I have in my daily routine, and it is the routine of many more too.

Another Snippet from ‘The Beautiful Life of a Farmers Wife!’







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